Restoring my own PyGNOME panel applets under GNOME 1.4

Vincent Montressor vmontressor at
Sun Jan 11 17:52:57 CET 2004

I'm playing around with writing my own panel applets, and I'm trying
to figure out how to get my panel applets to be restored when I log
in.  As an experiment, I'm using the simple clock applet that comes
with PyGNOME (  It works fine when I run it from the
shell, but when I log out and log in again, there's just a tiny
GNOME-foot icon where the applet should be.

After poking around in ~/.gnome/panel.d, I think I've figured out that
the panel knows there should be an applet in that spot, but there's
nothing telling it what executable to run to put the applet there.  Do
I somehow need to create that mapping, or is the problem something
else altogether?

Applets I add to the panel through the normal process (right-click ->
Applets -> ...) are restored when I log in, as expected.

I'm using GNOME 1.4 on Red Hat 7.3 (sorry, but this is a work system,
and I can't upgrade; I also can't put my code where the system applets
are).  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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