ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED

Dan Olson hatespam at
Wed Jan 14 02:17:05 CET 2004

As a person heavily involved in the pseudo-commercial Linux game industry
and a Linux user in general, I must say that I agree with your general
assessment that Linux users do far too little to make sure that their
applications run and run well on Windows.

That said, I disagree that Open Source projects have little to no value in
commercial projects.  There are countless examples that could be pointed
out, but I'll just point out one of them: OpenAL.

Here is my future advice: get a month and a half into a project before
announcing it.  Not only will you have people not saying "I told you so"
if you scrap it, but people will in general be more interested in your
project when you have something to show for it.

Are you planning to make your version of FreeCiv available?  Others
might be interested in continuing the work.  Cygwin is a horrible horrible
way to run things on Windows, and I'd like to take this time to insult the
mothers of everyone who has ever made their Linux application run on
Windows using only Cygwin.

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