Multithreaded COM server problem...

John Lull jl at
Sun Jan 11 08:48:09 CET 2004

Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote (with possible deletions):

> John Lull wrote:
> > I'm writing a multithreaded COM server to manage a pool of hardware resources.
> > All objects are designed to be thread-safe, and I've set sys.coinit_flags to
> > COINIT_MULTITHREADED before importing pythoncom.
> Note that this flag is effeectively ignored for the server.  Objects are 
> created in the same "apartment" as their creator.  This, the code 
> implementing your object need not specify this, but the code *creating* 
> the object must.  This is what determines the appartment.
> COM threading rules are complex, but "Python Programming on Win32" (1/2 
> by me :) covers these rules in words I would have trouble finding again :)

It covers threading rules for in-process servers pretty thoroughly.

Unfortunately, this one has to be a local server since it's providing shared
access to a pool of hardware devices from multiple distributed clients. I've
carefully reviewed chapters 5 & 12, and appendix D, and wasn't able to find
anything addressing threading models in the local server in detail. If I've
missed something, I'd be grateful for any additional hints. 



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