finding file size

Sean Ross sross at
Fri Jan 2 03:45:01 CET 2004


Recently I made a small script to do some file transferring (among other
things). I wanted to monitor the progress of the file transfer, so I needed
to know the size of the files I was transferring.  Finding out how to get
this information took some time (reading the manuals - googling did not
prove worthwhile). Anyway, I did eventually figure out how to do it (there
are a few ways, including os.path.getsize(filename)).

My question is this: Is there a reason why file objects could not have a
size method or property? So that you could then just ask the file how big it
is using fd.size or fd.size(). I'm just curious, because, well, it seems to
have obvious utility, and the way to find it is less than obvious (at least,
it was to me).


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