wxpython and wxlocale

Ya tmartinez at ammsoft.com
Mon Jan 26 21:51:46 CET 2004

In a computer it is wanted to install an application that must show
information in different languages.
Thanks to the module we, gettext, have been able to implement that the texts
that are shown are translated.
The user selects the language and act from a file .mo every language.
The problem are the messages and dialogues since it shows the buttons in the
language of the operating system by default.
Is there any way of telling python that the text of the dialogues is in a
specific language?
And in affirmative case. How is it made? since all the attempts have been
I think that wxLocale has to be used, but I do not become clear.

We are using Python 2.3.3 and wxpython in W2K.


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