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> Hi all,
> What is the best book to start with python ? i am have been working since 1 yr with Perl. 
>  kindly enlighten,
> thanks,
>  KM

There is a wealth of good, free python resources on the web.
For a comprehensive list of tutorials, online books and python
resources - Try :

270 links in various sections.... 
Learning to program is a good online book, Dive into Python suits more
experienced programmers - whilst some of the tutorials will get you
the basics very quickly.
The Python documentation is good for built-in functions, types and the
standard libraries - which you will need to refer to a lot.

As a reference book I use the O'Reilly pocket reference book - very
useful and very handy (and not very expensive).

For learning to actually *use* Python (once I had grasped the basics)
I use (present tense) 'Programming Python' - from the same series as
'Learning Python' - (by Mark Lutz ?) I can't recommend it enough...
very good.


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