Restoring my own PyGNOME panel applets under GNOME 1.4 [SOLVED]

Vincent Montressor vmontressor at
Mon Jan 12 11:35:11 CET 2004

vmontressor at (Vincent Montressor) wrote in message news:<88fe7467.0401110852.5480a822 at>...

> I'm playing around with writing my own panel applets, and I'm trying
> to figure out how to get my panel applets to be restored when I log
> in.  As an experiment, I'm using the simple clock applet that comes
> with PyGNOME (  It works fine when I run it from the
> shell, but when I log out and log in again, there's just a tiny
> GNOME-foot icon where the applet should be.

Ah, never mind: adding the applet to my GNOME startup programs list solved it.  Duh.

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