Do (USA) Python conferences require a coast?

Kyler Laird Kyler at
Tue Jan 20 19:12:06 CET 2004

In 2001 I attended the Python conference in Long Beach, CA.  I
had just decided that Python was something I should use and the
conference provided me a (well-fitted) brainful of good insight.

Now I use Python constantly.  I'd like to get face-to-face with
Python experts so that I can better understand complex pieces
and discover new tools.  I want to attend another conference.

It looks like PyCon
is always in Washington, DC.  I try to avoid DC.

is also essentially in DC (Alexandria, VA).

Even the Plone conference (New Orleans) was on a coast.  Do
Python users always have to be "on edge"?

Does anyone consider hosting a Python conferences in cheaper/
safer/freer/more central locations?  (Say...Indianapolis?)  I
see that there are some Python intros in Longmont, Colorado.
That'd be a dandy location for a conference too.  (It's been
awhile since I visited Estes Park.)

Thank you.


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