The GPL / BSD cultural divide (was ProtoCiv: porting Freeciv to Python CANNED)

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Every wrote:
> > Agreed, and more specifically, there is a huge *cultural divide* between
> > most OSS developers and proprietary commercial developers who simply
want to
> > add some OSS "to get the boring bits over with."
> Yeah, it indicates that you are a lazy cunt who wants to get something for
> nothing,

Wow, isn't *that* a sophisticated business model.  Call me so impressed.

> if you want to use someone elses work that you haven't commissioned
> from them, find what you want from someone who isn't fussed, and has used
> BSD license, people who have used the GPL have done so cos they *don't*
> want some software company ripping off their hard work and not
> anything back.

Here's my attitude towards free software:

- if you are going to give something away, give it away completely.
- if it's too valuable to give away, don't.
- software, in general, is not supposed to be free.
- we save labor when "the boring bits" are free.
- ergo, give your boring bits to the common good.  Keep the interesting /
valuable stuff for yourself.

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