wxPython worries

PT prtk3 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 21:21:59 CET 2004

> What worries me is wxPython: 
> I'm also 
> unclear as to how easy custom controls are to build.

None of the Python GUI toolkits support making good custom controls as
well as Java and .NET do.  TKinter is probably the best Python option
for that.  If you are comfortable with Windows programming though,
wxPython will not be too difficult.

> Am I just being confused by my newbie-ness, or are my initial concerns 
> justified?  What's anybody else's experiences with gui programming in 
> wxPython like vs a RAD like Delphi or .NET?

If you want something similar to Delphi or .NET, then you would
probably like QT Designer much better than the wx options.  See
BlackAdder (Win, $$) or eric3 (Linux, free):

If money isn't an issue though, just stick with Visual Studio and C#
and let the other guy do most of the work.

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