Cheetah best for templating?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sun Jan 4 00:19:27 CET 2004

Roger Jack wrote:

> I have just finished reading Code Generation In Action which uses Ruby
> for
> code generation. I would like to use Python instead. Is Cheetah the
> best
> tool to use for templating source code files and then generating code?
> Is
> there something more mature or better?

I tend to think highly of EmPy, but that's not exactly a surprise :-):

I do know that there are several people on the EmPy mailing list using
EmPy for exactly the purpose you're considering.

What's going to be best for you is really going to depend on your
aesthetic sensibilities; pretty much all of templating systems' base
features are universal, just expressed in different ways.  The only
thing that might objectively make one system better than another for you
would be ancillary features which are included on top.

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