[Q] Pyython and curses/ncurses/snack/tinter/...

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at gazeta.usun.pl
Sun Jan 18 11:24:32 CET 2004

Chris Burkert <chris at chrisburkert.de> pisze:

> Now what would you prefer as UI-library? I'm searching for a 
> highlevel library with buttons, text boxes, dialog boxes, 
> progress bars, ...
> I have heard of:
> - curses, ncurses ... low-level
> - snack ... wrapper for newt and slang
> - tinter
> Do you know of any other good library that is widely available?
> I have seen a lot of examples for curses and ncurses but not for 
> the others.
> Snack seems to be only available for Linux and not well documented?!?

Snack should compile on any platform where SLang runs -- except Windows,
of course. If you mean "Windows, Linux, MacOS, MacOSX, OS/2 and any
other system where Python runs", there is no such library. In fact, if
you mean "Windows and Linux", there's nothing here also.

Text-mode interfaces are rather rare animals now.

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