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Gabriel Genellina gagenellina at softlab.com.ar
Tue Jan 6 02:17:30 CET 2004

At 5/1/2004 16:10, you wrote:

>I have the following information in a file :
>r1kcch    Serial0/0/0    propPointToPointSerial
>Mon Jan 5 13:15:03 PST 2004 InOctets.1    0
>Mon Jan 5 13:15:05 PST 2004 OutOctets.1   0
>I want to be able to extract each line into a comma delimited list.

...into a list. The you may *show* the list in a comma-delimited format.

>Bellow i am trying to print out my list print currentList but nothing
>is comming out.  I added a line after print test to make sure the file
>has the information.  Can someone help me with this?
>#Read a file
>true = 1

Notice that True (capitalized) is a builtin in v2.3

>in_file = open("test.txt","r")
>text = in_file.read()

This reads the full contents of the file, and there is nothing left for the 
next readline() to read... Just omit this.

>while true:
>     in_line = in_file.readline()

Try using:
for in_line in in_file.readlines():

>     if in_line == "":
>         break
>     currentList = string.split(in_line,",")

There are no "," in the sample lines, just spaces.
currentList = in_line.split()  # default separator is space

>     #print out the contents of the current list
>     print currentList

just fine...

>     #make the inline stop reading
>     in_line = in_line[:-1]


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