ASCII characters in my hex output

Francis Avila francisgavila at
Mon Jan 5 22:33:17 CET 2004

nuvodido wrote in message ...
>I am using pyserial to work with a device on my serial port.  the 
>output is a mixture of ASCII and hex: 
>Ex. '\x10\x00*'
>I need conver the \x00* nuber in to decimal.  Is there way to 
>convter this value striat forward?

You're not being specific enough.  Here are some things to look at:

Pyserial for your serial port-ing needs.

Struct module for C-structs.  Array module for homogenous binary data.

Have a look also at ctypes and xstruct (both external modules).

chr() and ord() builtins; shift and binary arithmetic operators.

I suspect what you are asking is something like:

struct.unpack('=bh', '\x10\x00*') -> (16, 10752)

But again, how can I know?
Francis Avila

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