Python used in Freedom Force

Samuel Walters swalters_usenet at
Sun Jan 18 13:46:37 CET 2004

| Alan James Salmoni said |
> Perhaps all this stuff could be put onto the "Python Success Stories"
> part of the website? It's not public, but if the language
> is clearly being used...

I like this idea.  Each high-profile project for which Python is being
used lends some credibility to the language as being worthy of
system-critical functions.

Elsewhere, in comp.lang.scheme, someone mentioned that he was trying to
hack a CL interpreter into the quake engine.  The idea was that he wanted
to teach his kids to program things they found interesting, so he wanted
to have them create quake-bots.  Sort of a new-school Logo. :-P

Are there any games out there with Python engines that are particularly
hackable?  Especially from a novice point of view?

Sam Walters.

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