I come not to bury C++, but to praise it...

Derek none at none.com
Wed Jan 14 00:28:20 CET 2004

"John Benson" wrote in message...

> I think that C++ was a great exercise, but software
> engineering has advanced. Why not take advantage of the
> latest packaging of OOP and enjoy the smoother ride? Pick
> Java, or Python or whatever pleases you. I'm happy using
> C for projects that fit it, and Python for more ambitions
> OOP stuff.  C++ was a great way to move OOP forward,
> but now it looks more like a transitional form than a
> best-of-breed. Sic transit gloria mundi, which is Latin for
> "when you're hot, your hot; when you're not, you're not" or
> something like that.

Apples and oranges; there are lots of things C++ does better than
Python (or Java) and vice versa.  There are lots of factors to
consider, not just the "smoother ride" up the learning curve.

You also seem to have a narrow view of C++ as a strictly OO language
when in fact it supports several programming paradigms (write whatever
you want: template metaprograms, modules, procedures, classes, etc.).

And while C++ may seem "traditional" compared to fast-moving
feature-of-the-week-rich languages, stability can be a Good Thing.

That being said, I'm a big fan of Python (and even Java), but I think
writing a eulogy for C++ is a bit premature.

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