Using .seek(0) to read.

Tim Roberts timr at
Mon Jan 12 02:59:58 CET 2004

"Amy G" <amy-g-art at> wrote:
>I got this respnse on a prior post.  Peter was correct about not needing to
>compare the old contents, and I was able to easily fix my code by taking out
>any read.
>However, now I need to open the file in "r+" mode and do a
><filename>.seek(0) on it.  I am opening up the .procmailrc file for each
>user in a database that has a "save_junkmail" == 1 and inserting some lines.
>They need to be inserted in the correct spot and each user has a different
>number of lines in their .procmailrc.  Everything prints out correctly.  I
>now want to write the lines instead of printing to stdout.

You can't easily insert data in the middle of a text file.  What you need
to do is create a NEW file, and copy the data from OLD to NEW, adding your
new lines at the appropriate spot.  Then close both files, and rename them
into place:
   os.remove( '.procmailrc.was' )
   os.rename( '.procmailrc', '.procmailrc.was' )
   os.rename( '', '.procmailrc' )
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