Virus Alert - ScanMail for Lotus Notes-->hello

virusalert at virusalert at
Tue Jan 27 13:39:53 CET 2004

Dear Chase Customer,
Recently, you sent Chase an e-mail through the Chase Online Message Center
that included an attached file. For protection, our e-mail system
automatically scans all incoming e-mail messages using an anti-virus
program. This scan indicated that a virus was present within your
attachment. The attachment was deleted however the remainder of your
message has still been delivered to Chase and will be responded to. Thank
Thank you,
Chase Banker

Date:      1/27/2004 7:39:53
Subject:  hello
Virus:      WORM_MIMAIL.R
From:     python-list at
To:          signup_confirm at;
Action:   Uncleanable, Quarantined;

Scanned by ScanMail for Lotus Notes 2.5
with scanengine 6.150-1001
and patternfile lpt$vpn.743

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