Myth or Urban Legend? Python => Google [ was: Why learn Python ??]

Lothar Scholz llothar at
Wed Jan 14 15:43:01 CET 2004

"Francis Avila" <francisgavila at> wrote in message news:<1009fum3evnc96a at>...
> EP wrote in message ...
> >Is it true that the original Google spider was written in Python?
> I don't know *what* Google uses Python for, but it uses Python.

The old version of the google toolbar showed a special hint when
hovering over the page rank icon. At least the first spider was
written in python - there is nothing like a urban legend about this
fact. And it seems that python was used enthusiastic by the google

I remember an article about google's spider in a pre 1998 issue of
germans 'CT' or 'IX' magazine, can't remember which one.

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