Tkinter Base Window

smarter_than_you davesum99 at
Sat Jan 24 17:59:20 CET 2004

Peter Moscatt <pgmoscatt at> wrote in message news:<401257c4$0$26116$afc38c87 at>...
> Ok....  I am pretty new to Python (as you may have gathered from previous
> posts).  So now it time for another one of my ridiculous questions....  :-)
> When using 'Tkinter', what is used as the base window to work from, meaning
> what widget do I use to place all other widgets onto to create a custom
> dialog ?
> Pete


then click 'details' to see the explanation of root=Tk(), which
creates the root window in your native OS.

Note that you can create multiple root windows if you need them, and
have them appear at specific locations on the screen using the
.geometry method (this is dangerous though unless know what your
user's screen setup is)


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