I come not to bury C++, but to praise it...

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Thu Jan 15 03:35:47 CET 2004

claird at lairds.com (Cameron Laird) writes:

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> Got it; thanks.  There's been extensive discussion here and elsewhere
> on just this point.  One of us might follow-up in a bit with a refer-
> ence to highlights ...



(important: Bruce Eckel says "weak typing" where he really means
"dynamic typing")

(next two are from this group, both threads and the particular posts
quoted are picked pretty much at random, except that I search for Alex
Martelli's posts, which are reliably good)



The last one (above) is part of an argument between Alex and David
Abrahams, both C++ experts and well-known Pythonistas, but on opposite
sides of the debate.


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