Help with Extension Class Crash

Giles Brown giles_brown at
Wed Jan 28 14:44:02 CET 2004

Hello folks,
I'm tryin to write an extension class in C (been a while since
I wrote some C :-).  I want the class to be inheritable from Python.
I've put the magic incantations into the type descriptor.  But it
crashes.  I've tracked the crash down to a call to PyObject_GenericGetAttr.

When I sub-class my class the tp_dictoffset comes out as -4 which 

quoting from PyObject_GenericGetAttr:
		if (dictoffset < 0) {
			int tsize;
			size_t size;

			tsize = ((PyVarObject *)obj)->ob_size;
			if (tsize < 0)
				tsize = -tsize;
			size = _PyObject_VAR_SIZE(tp, tsize);

			dictoffset += (long)size;
			assert(dictoffset > 0);
			assert(dictoffset % SIZEOF_VOID_P == 0);
		dictptr = (PyObject **) ((char *)obj + dictoffset);
		dict = *dictptr; <---- crash happens here

The class I'm trying to create is a variable size class.  Everything 
is ok unless I sub-class it.  I'm guess that maybe I haven't set the
sizes up ok so its sending the dictptr off into the blue. Or I've 
missed setting of something, but not sure where to look.

Can anyone help?


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