Looking for minimal SQL

Marco Aschwanden PPNTWIMBXFFC at spammotel.com
Thu Jul 1 12:42:28 CEST 2004

> 	What kind of application are you developing ?

I am developing nothing right now. I still am evaluating... eventually a 
simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management). I might start doing 
something next year, but my brain started to create a framework.

There are several reasons why I would like to stay "db" independent: For 
one I would like to run the "same" application over some rpc-server (which 
would have a powerful db) or as a standalone application with a "simple" 
db behind (which will synchronized from time to time *plan*plan*). I have 
already implemented a "simple" framework that allows me to reuse the same 
code be it as a multi-tier app be it as a standalone app. A database 
switch in the future is possible... hence... etc. etc.

-> Python offers openess when it comes to os platforms
-> db api offers a certain openness when it comes to dealing and 
parameterizing sql-stmts ... I want to stick to a minimal sql-language set 
to achieve real db openness

I am aware that programming "sql-neutral" is not the most efficient, the 
easiest way to go. For example: If Sub-Selects are not portable than I 
would split up the queries and glue them together with Python. If for 
example one looks for the oldest customer:

With sub-selects you may write:

SELECT * FROM customer WHERE age = (SELECT max(age) FROM customer)

Without sub-selects I would have to write two seperate statements:

SELECT max(age) FROM customer --> take the "age" out of this query
"SELECT * FROM customer WHERE age = ?", (age)

This might not be the fastest solution but I would like to try!

Hope this answers your question,


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