C++ SWIG Pyton - problems to create interface file

Steffen Kunze schwupdidu at web.de
Tue Jul 27 16:55:53 CEST 2004

I am from Germany and I study Information-Technology (2nd semester).
Every three month I have a internship at the DLR (German Aerospace
Center) and in the moment I try to use Python and especially SWIG. My
problem is to write the interface file. I have big problems to write
my own interface file. I know that I have to write the headers and the
functions in there, but I haven`t really found out how. (it´s a cpp
and a header file, where class, a datatype and different functions are
Maybe you have time to give me some tips to make an interface file out
of the files on
--> http://cruncher.ba-mannheim.de/~s0312424/timedepFlowVis.h    and 
Thank you!!!

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