Scripting HTTP POST - multipart/form-data

John J. Lee jjl at
Tue Jul 20 01:31:49 CEST 2004

Jeff Shannon <jeff at> writes:

> I'm looking to script a routine file-upload through an HTTP server
> (which I don't have access to).  I've got specs on the CGI app that
> receives this upload (i.e. field names and expected contents).
> However, it looks like urllib/urllib2 won't handle multipart/form-data
> POSTs.

Neither should have any problem with multipart/form-data.  They don't
actually provide and specific support for it either, though.

> Is there another (preferably all-python) library that will work for
> this?

Yes, one that works on top of urllib2:

Search for .add_file on that page for an example of file upload.  IIRC
I've posted examples of that here in the past, too.


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