Beta testers for Python ISAPI module required.

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Jul 19 02:13:14 CEST 2004

Phillip Frantz has contributed a very cool ISAPI (IIS extension) 
framework that I have been extending, and hope to include in later 
pywin32 builds.  It supports both ISAPI extensions and filters.

Along with this ISAPI extension is a Python framework that implements 
mod_python like functionality in IIS.  This means it is a "server 
independent" framework for embedding Python in either Apache or IIS (and 
also means the framework itself is not Windows specific, even though the 
ISAPI extension itself is)

At the moment I'm interested in people who would like to play with early 
versions of it, and offer feedback about the configuration and extension 
mechanisms employed.  Ideally, I would love people experienced with 
Apache and mod_python, and *also* IIS, so feedback on the framework can 
also be offered.  My experience with Python inside web servers is fairly 
limited, so I need all the advice I can get.

If you fit this category and have a little time to play, please drop me 
a line by email.



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