JPEG2000 support?

Christopher T King squirrel at WPI.EDU
Sun Jul 25 22:26:10 CEST 2004

On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Kyler Laird wrote:

> I'm getting ready to build an application around a big JPEG2000
> image but I haven't found any Python support for JPEG2000.
> I plan to just use an external call to JasPer to handle the
> conversion for now but I'd prefer to have a better integrated
> solution.  Are any Python libraries likely to have support for
> it soon?  My searches are yielding surprisingly little.

PyMagick is a Python interface to the powerful, cross-platform ImageMagick
graphics package, which supports JPEG2000 through an external library.  
So unlike something like PIL, you'd also need to install ImageMagick
(compiled with JPEG2000 support) and a JPEG2000 library, but it seems to
be very well integrated with Python, PIL, and numeric.

Hope this helps.

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