Pythonic Nirvana - towards a true Object Oriented Environment [visionary rambling, long]

Steve dippyd at
Fri Jul 2 07:44:32 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio wrote:

> Why do we write simple scripts to do simple things? 

Because building complicated programs to do simple 
things is a bad idea?

 > Why do we serialize data to flat text files
 > in order to process them?

Because it is a tried and tested method that works?

Because flat text files are human readable, which is a 
huge advantage in the real world? (Just contrast the 
voodoo of the Registry in the Windows world with simple 
text-based config files under Linux.)

 > Everything
 > could be so much simpler and immensely more powerful

More powerful, maybe. Simpler, no. A Python script 
might be simpler than the equivalent assembly code that 
does the same thing, but when you include the 
complexity of the Python framework vs the assembler, it 
is far more complex.

Likewise, under your system, you are merely shifting 
the complexity from the script to the operating system. 
Overall, you should expect a great *increase* in 
complexity, not a decrease.

Which *might* very well mean more OS bugs, hacks and 
cracks. Exploits in your script will only affect you; 
exploits in the OS will affect everyone. The comparison 
between Windows and Linux is so obvious that you should 
already be thinking it :-)


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