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>> What is wrong with this argument. Java evolved for more then 10 years
>> (and still is). This group is dedicated to an evolving language -
>> Python. Why not to allow C# to evolve too.
> Sure. And ten years from now, the issue of C# not providing generic
> programming might not be an issue anymore. However, this is not
> relevant for people who use C# today - they just can't use generics;
> that future versions may provide it still means they can't use it
> today. So if this is a flaw, it is a flaw today. Saying that people
> want to remove the flaw still makes it a flaw.

Whilst what you say is true in general, C# containing generics is available 
today (although still in beta). See

BTW, elsewhere in this thread someone said that C++ doesn't fit well into 
.Net framework so it is worth mentioning that vs2005 also includes 
completely revamped support for C++. Naturally this is incompatible with 
their earlier attempt, but it really is much improved.

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