How to lunch webpage without using SMTP server?

Byron DesertLinux at
Wed Jul 21 20:53:09 CEST 2004

Hi Doug,

I agreed with your response.  In my reply, I mentioned that she would 
have two options, which are to either *get* SMTP access -- or -- to find 
some program, plugin, etc that would act as a SMTP server for her.

If she is able to obtain smtp access, then the code I provided below 
could be used / modified for it.


Doug Holton wrote:

> Byron wrote:
>> Hi Nancy,
>> In order to be able to send an e-mail, you need to use either an SMTP 
>> server or have the know-how skill to be able to route the message 
>> yourself.  I would HIGHLY recommend that you use an SMTP server.
>> Here's a code snipplet that you might find helpful:
>>     def sendmessage(toaddr, fromaddr, message):
>>         server = smtplib.SMTP('')
>>         server.login("webmaster at", "mySecretPassword")
>>         server.sendmail(fromaddr, toaddr, message)
>>         server.quit()
> Again, we've been through all this before.  She doesn't have access to 
> an SMTP server, apparently.  She only uses hotmail.
> That is why I answered her with instructions on how to run her own SMTP 
> server just for testing purposes.

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