scan WIN directories with UNC pathnames

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Mon Jul 26 14:32:22 CEST 2004

[Thomas Rademacher]
| The methods os.path.isdir(pathname) and os.listdir(pathname) 
| work fine with pathname="\\\\servername\\path".
| But with the argument pathname="\\\\servername" the method
| os.path.isdir(pathname) returns 0 and the method 
| os.listdir(pathname) raises an exception.

Ummm... Unless I've misunderstood what you're saying, it's
because \\servername is *not* a valid path in win32: it's
just the server bit of a server-share UNC path. If you wanted
to treat the available shares on a windows server as though
they were subfolders of a drive of which the server is the
root, you could write a class or two to do it, but you'd
have to use *some* kind of additional module, whether
win32wnet, ctypes or wmi.


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