Nice garbage collector for C extensions!

Nick Jacobson nicksjacobson at
Wed Jul 21 02:48:13 CEST 2004

> >
> > What about the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector (at
> >
> It's been tried, with unspectacular results.

What's been tried?  I was suggesting using this garbage collector to
avoid the need for reference counting when writing C extensions.  Has
that been tried?  And if so, what do you mean by "unspectacular"?

> Google can probably find
> more gory details.

Searching Google for what exactly? :P

> > They state, "The collector is not completely portable, but the
> > distribution includes ports to most standard PC and UNIX/Linux
> > platforms. The collector should work on Linux, *BSD, recent Windows
> > versions, MacOS X, HP/UX, Solaris, Tru64, Irix and a few other
> > operating systems. Some ports are more polished than others."
> Python has been ported to the Palm Pilot, Nokia Series 60, VMS,
> Amiga... 
> Cheers,
> mwh

That's true.  But the need for a few more ports shouldn't sink the
idea completely..

Thanks for the reply,


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