execution time with global variables

Duncan Booth me at privacy.net
Fri Jul 2 12:33:51 CEST 2004

sarmin kho <sarmin_kho at yahoo.com> wrote in
news:mailman.346.1088760869.27577.python-list at python.org: 

> i have been using a lot of global variables in the python script i am
> working on. the global variables are shared and used by all various
> 'definitions' : 
> def name ():
>       global all globs...
>       .....
> my question is: 'is it safe using global variables in term of its
> execution time? 

Is the program running fast enough? If so, the answer is 'yes'. If not then 
using local variables might provide some speedup, but usually changing your 
algorithm is a better way to optimise.

> i cant think of any other ways not to use the globs because some
> variables simply have to be shared among those definitions.. 
The usual solution is to define a class and then all your globals simply 
become attributes within the class. Try doing it that way and see if you 
like it.

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