wxPython: wxGrid vs. wxListCtrl

RichH rich_NOSPAM_ at _NOSPAM_holmteam.net
Sat Jul 3 23:54:30 EDT 2004

In article <1v4erg10g7cds.y7kspsysjyuy.dlg at 40tude.net>, project5
@redrival.net says...
> Piet wrote on 29 Jun 2004 12:16:11 -0700:
> The Grid table is basically sitting in between the grid that the user sees
> and whatever storage backend you have. The grid asks the table for data to
> be inserted in cell at some coordinates, the table does whatever it deems
> necessary and answers. Even better, the grid asks the table about what
> attributes each displayed cell should have (color, read-only, custom
> editor, the whole lot). 

I've built a grid in this way and it was slow as I was changing the 
data in the table continuously.  Is there any way to tell the grid
that just a few cells have changed?  My program was redrawing the
whole grid (the visible portion of the grid) each time I changed
any cell.


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