Porting Java web application to Python to make it faster?

J webstuff at fluidic.com
Sun Jul 11 02:17:38 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-08 08:19:30 -0400, Wolfgang Keller 
<wolfgang.keller.nospam at gmx.de> said:

>> There was thread on a another list that I read like this recently. The
>> difference in performance between Java and python on the web server
>> probably doesn't really matter that much.  If anything I might guess that
>> Java would be faster.  Tons of huge applications are run by Java servers
>> everyday.  A gig of RAM on the server is nothing.
> Errr, >>1 GByte just to provide an interactive GUI to something like 5
> users and doing some inter-application communication - I wouldn't really
> consider that as nothing. Especially not if it scales hyper-exponentially
> with the number of users and/or the data volume. After this first
> application, we expect to be able to use the same application for sites
> with something like 100 concurrent users as well.

i have a gig of memory in my laptop.  Memory is cheap.  If you are 
going to have a DB, WebServer, Application Server on a server 1 gig of 
memory is a mininum.  I create database data loads, and my boss almost 
lost his lunch when I told him I want a server 10gigs of main memory.
"If there is anything I can do for you or more to the point to you, let 
me know."

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