Accessing Oracle from Python

Walter Dörwald walter at
Thu Jul 15 18:16:32 CEST 2004

Dan Ellis wrote:

> Hi,
> [...]
> I need to access an Oracle database running on a Windows server from
> Python running on Linux. I've tried building DCOracle2, but it seems
> that the 'oracle-installclient-basic' thing I downloaded from the
> Oracle site doesn't contain enough. I've tried various other
> approaches, such as mxODBC/iODBC, but without much luck. I'm hoping to
> not have to resort to a Windows solution.
> Can someone help me figure out what combination of Python module,
> Oracle download and/or ODBC driver will work?

Try cx_Oracle:
(and of course you need an Oracle client installation on your Linux

    Walter Dörwald

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