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Thu Jul 29 18:48:51 CEST 2004

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> Hi,
> I recently switched from windoze to Linux (SuSE 9.1) and want to write
> some applications (mostly for personal use). I have several years
> experience writing with Borland Delphi and now I am looking at Python.
> BlackAdder incorporates Python and QT into a application similar to
> Delphi for writing GUI applications. (I looked at Kylix and didn't
> like it)
> I wonder if BlackAdder is worth the price or would I be just as well
> off using Idle and QT Designer?
> I would appreciate any comments on BlackAdder.

Can't comment on BlackAdder AND I'm still too green with Python to offer
"intelligent" opinions :-)
BUT if you are looking for cross-platform development of GUI apps under
Python, do take a look at www.wxPython.org.  At first glance, wxPython looks
like a cleaner API as well as better integration with Python.

Note that I said GUI apps - not GUI development!
That still remains elusive although I don't know why.  The underlying
software infrastructure seems to make it eminently doable!  If I weren't so
green with Linux and Python, I could see writing a GUI programming front end

It's a shame about Kylix!  I had high hopes for that myself.
Thomas Bartkus

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