lisp is winner in DOM parsing contest! 8-]

Alex Mizrahi udodenko at
Mon Jul 12 14:03:05 CEST 2004

(message (Hello 'Peter)
(you :wrote  :on '(Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:15:50 -0400))

 >> i have 3mb long XML document with about 150000 lines (i think it has
 >> about 200000 elements there) which i want to parse to DOM to work
 >> with.

 PH> Often, problems with performance come down the using the wrong
 PH> algorithm, or using the wrong architecture for the problem at hand.

i see nothing wrong in loading 3 mb data into RAM. however, implementation
details made it 100 times larger and it was the problem..

 PH> Are you absolutely certain that using a full in-memory DOM
 PH> representation is the best for your problem?  It seems very unlikely
 PH> to me that it really is...

format i'm dealing with is quite chaotic and i'm going to work with it
interactively - track down myself where data i need lie and see how can i
extract data..
it's only a small part of task and it's needed only temporarily, so i don't
need best thing possible - i need something that just works..

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