Where to post my source code

Steve lonetwin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 14:06:18 CEST 2004

Hi Adayapalam,

On 9 Jul 2004 02:32:58 -0700, Adayapalam Appaiah Kumaraswamy 
> I am a Python beginner. I have written a CGI script in Python which I
> want others to see, test and comment about.

Excellent !! 

> However, I do not have a
> website from which I can provide it to others. Could you please tell
> me where I must post the files so that other Python users can see
> them?

   That depends. If you think that your script would be useful to
others and it addresses a certain problem and if you would like to
post it so that it can be improved on, you may consider one of the
following options:
a) Create a project on either sourceforge.net or savannah.gnu.org and
upload your script and files there.
b) Submit your script to the Vaults of Parnassus (http://www.vex.net/parnassus/)
c) Get some free web space (eg: geocities ..etc) and upload your script there.
      Irrespective of where you upload it, send out a announcement to
the python-tutor and python-list mailing lists (plz include [ann]
<your script name> in the subject)

If on the other hand, your script is something that you wrote 'to
scratch your own itch' and is relatively useless for the general
public, but you still want people to dissect it, criticize it, comment
on it, modify it or improve on it, you may consider making a
submission to 'Useless Python' (http://www.uselesspython.com/)

> Also, since it has a script, an HTML file and a few others, in
> which format should I post it (i.e. write them onto a message, or
> attach as archive etc.).

Since it is made up of a number of files, it's best if you archive it
using some standard tools like 'zip' or 'tar'. Don't forget to include
a 'README' text file in the archive which describes how one should use
and install the script.

> Finally, I am unsure about any disclaimers,
> license etc. which should go along with the software; the software is
> free for use/modification by others, but I will not be responsible for
> damages caused by its use.

This again depends. If by "free for use/modification" you mean, it can
be used by anyone, for any purpose (including commercial/closed source
application), with or without giving you credit, you essentially would
be putting it in public domain. To do so, just put in a disclaimer
saying although anybody can use/modify your script for any purpose,
this freedom is granted under the condition that you should not be
held responsible for any problems cause by it's usage.

If on the other hand you would not like your script being used in
commercial or closed source applications and would like to be
acknowledged as the creator of the program and also would like to
retain ownership of your script but not take responsibility for
modifications done to your script by someone else, you may want to
license your script using one of the open source licenses or something
    To learn more about this go to: http://www.opensource.org/


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