interactive editing

Christopher T King squirrel at WPI.EDU
Fri Jul 23 19:50:47 CEST 2004

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, max(01)* wrote:

> meanwhile i'd like to know what are the most common practices among clp 
> regulars as far as write/execute/debug cycle is concerned...

For a guy like me who uses JOE:

<code> <code> <code>
^K S ^K Z
^K S ^K Z
^P ^P <Enter>
(ad infinitum)

screen makes a sweet job of this, too, and lets pydoc enter the equation.

<debug> mostly consists of tossing print statments in wherever there might
be something wrong.  Rather than unit testing, I prefer to test,
immediately and thoroughly, any changes I make.  Failure to do so almost
always results in hard-to-find errors (for me, at least).  A few asserts
here and there don't hurt, either (though I mostly use them to verify
weird logic).

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