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Mr. Hickman has provided an excellent summary of the author's results.

In article <40ebc811$0$9978$afc38c87 at news.easynet.co.uk> (Wed, 07 Jul 2004
10:53:20 +0100), Peter Hickman wrote:

> The use of Lisp allowed the original developers of the Yahoo stores to
> extend the functionality of the sites faster than their competitors and,
> when a competitor can up with a novel idea, do some easy feature
> matching.
> The developers attributed their success to speed of development and said
> that it was Lisp that allowed them develop things so quickly. They also
> said that they only ever got nervous when they heard that a competitor
> was looking to develop in Python.
>> Did they have a better design, a better architecture?
> They never seemed to indicate that their architecture was anything
> special or that their competitors' was especially bad. Just that they
> could develop good code faster than their competitors.
>> What did Yahoo!-Store prove?
> That large, robust production systems could be developed in a dynamic
> language without being dragged down by poor performance. This went
> against the current ethos that said that dynamic languages were only any
> good for prototypes but you would have to convert to a real language (C,
> C++ or Java) because dynamic languages would not scale.

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