How to lunch webpage without using SMTP server?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Jul 21 21:25:54 CEST 2004

On 2004-07-21, Matthew Scott <newsgroups at> wrote:

>> I'm afraid I don't quite know what it means to "send an e-mail
>> from a web page."
> If the web page has something like:
><form action="mailto:abc at">...</form>
> You can send an email from that web page.
> Quoted from
> "A mailto URI (e.g., mailto:liam at is also allowed as an 
> ACTION, but this is not supported by all browsers. Non-supporting 
> browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x typically will open a 
> blank e-mail message when the user submits a mailto form. Even on 
> supporting browsers, mailto forms are troublesome in that they fail to 
> provide feedback to the user after the form submission."

And if the browser impliments that type of URL, it's going to
need access to an SMTP server.

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