ImportError...pdo and adodbapi

Kathryn ksokol at
Fri Jul 30 19:32:34 CEST 2004

Hey folks,
I read this board every day and now I need some help.  

I have a script that imports pdo and adodbapi...I have multiple
sys.path.appends to define the relevant paths on my local machine and
a server.

import sys

import pdo
import adodbapi

This setup works fine on the server, as well as my old local machine. 
Just switched local machines, reinstalled Python, still works fine on
the server (as it should), but errors out when I run on my local
machine.  Keep in mind the directory structure has not changed.

Here's the error:
ImportError: No module named pdo
ImportError: No module named adodbapi

Now, if I manually run the setup files for pdo and adodbapi, then run
my script, it works like a gem.

Any insight?  What am I missing?


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