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Sun Jul 4 08:32:00 CEST 2004

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> hi-
> i am shopping at amazon and see the zope bible book.  it has an april
> 2002 date.  i noticed the current stable release is about 2.7.  will
> this book be ok for awhile using 2.X.  i know when it switches to 3.X
> i will have to buy a more up to date book because it is suppose to be
> a big revision. the web hosts will be a little slow to adapt too
> right? i am only looking to get a year or so out of this book.  does
> it have that much life in it if i buy it now?  looking at the amazon
> sales rank it seems popular and i thought someone might know.
> thanks and happy 4th,
> jim

hi again-
i think i will try php first.  i changed my mind. please ignore.


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