To all that helped with freeBSD and python2.1

John fabiani jfabiani at
Fri Jul 2 10:06:45 CEST 2004

Here's what I did to get my script to work:

1. I did not change anything in the script.
2. Attempted to install python 2.3.4 but that produced some sort of 
error about stack python.  I think that tar file maybe corrupt!
3. installed python 2.1.3 with pkg_add as root
4. That created an error looking for
5. Installed python 2.2 with pkg_add as root
6. got the same error looking for
7. Took a chance that was what it was looking for.
8. made ln -s link to
9. then it was looking for a libcypto (something).so.3
10. made a ln -s to libcypto (something).so.2
11. ran the script and it works......

Again thanks all that helped..........

PS: I posted a message stating that I was willing to pay for help.  Only 
one person answered.  This was a real surprise - only one????  But I 
have to say the group was very helpful.


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