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Fri Jul 16 20:38:49 EDT 2004

Stephen Boulet wrote:
> Paul Morrow wrote:
>> Unlike the earlier (and currently stable) version of Wing, Wing 2.0 
>> beta sports a lot of "polish".  The IDE has been substantially 
>> rewritten, using (I believe) the QT gui library (you can see the new 
>> look from the screen shots on the wingware web site).
> I see some files with 'gtk' in their names in the install directory, so 
> maybe that's what they are using. If so I've never seen gtk look so good.
> For you people with eclipse experience, does their gui toolkit wrap just 
> motif on linux (why oh why)? I wonder what the potential for developing 
> gui apps under eclipse with python is.
> Stephem

Well, Eclipse uses SWT - which has binaries for each platform, and 
various flavours of Linux, in particular there is a GTK2 version and a 
Motif version.  I don't know much about it - but here is what the 
website says:

> For Win32: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, and Server 2003; SWT HTML viewer requires Internet Explorer 5 (or higher). For GTK on other Linux systems: version 2.2.1 of the GTK+ widget toolkit and associated librares (GLib, Pango); SWT HTML viewer requires Mozilla 1.4GTK2. For Motif on other Linux systems: Open Motif 2.1 (included); SWT HTML viewer requires Mozilla 1.4GTK2.
> An early access version of Eclipse is available for 64-bit Linux GTK. Testing has been limited to early access 64-bit J2SEs running on AMD64 processors.
> SWT is also supported on the QNX Neutrino operating system, x86 processor, Photon window system, and IBM J9 VM version 2.0. Eclipse 3.0 on Windows or Linux can be used cross develop QNX applications. (Eclipse 3.0 is unavailable on QNX because there is currently no 1.4 J2SE for QNX.)

In terms of developing GUI apps - I think a SWT Python wrapper would 
rule.  It has a *very* similar feel to wxWidgets.  The problem is there 
is a small binary for each OS, but a big swt.jar file with most of the 
platform-neutral code in it.  I've played with Jython and SWT and used 
Python to open up a Hello World window - but it definitely would not be 
ready for a real app without some wrappers being written...


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