Python code from XMLSchema?

Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at
Fri Jul 2 20:35:35 CEST 2004

Brian Quinlan wrote:

> Dave Kuhlman wrote:
> Why do you think that XSLT is not a "full programming language"?

Because I'm biased and prejudiced and pig-headed?

XSLT seems very special purpose to me.

Many years ago, I took a class in "comparative programming
languages" from a professor who loved to say: "I can do A in X.",
where A was some task that was very inappropriate for language X,
for example string processing in FORTRAN, numerical analysis in
Lisp, etc.  So, why don't we write a mail reader in XSLT or maybe
we could re-write the Python C code implementation in XSLT.

OK. I'm being silly, but you get my point.

What is the technical term for a "full" or "complete" programming
language?  Turing complete?  Is XSLT Turing complete?  I suppose it
is.  But it still seems special purpose to me.

For me, saying that Python is a full programming language and XSLT
is not is similar to saying that Python is good and Perl is bad.
That claim is not defensible but is totally true.

But then you already knew that I'm biased and prejudiced and


Dave Kuhlman

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