ZWiki: "product broken" on Zope 2.5.1/Debian

Jochen Demuth jd74s at
Fri Jul 9 17:10:15 CEST 2004

Hi, I am trying to install ZWiki on Zope 2.5.1 / Debian 2.4.20-bf2.4-xfs.

First I copied the contents of the ZWiki-0.32.0.tgz to the 
Products-directory under SOFTWARE_HOME:

This is what it contained before:

server1:/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products# ls
ExternalMethod     PageTemplates  StandardCacheManagers  ZSQLMethods
Hotfix_2002-06-14  PluginIndexes  TemporaryFolder        ZopeTutorial
MIMETools          PythonScripts  Transience   
MailHost           Sessions       ZCatalog               __init__.pyc
OFSP               SiteAccess     ZGadflyDA

After restarting Zope there was no ZWiki in the Product Management, but 
in the server start log there was something saying:

SyntaxWarning: local name 'self' in 'mailbox' shadows use of 'self' as 
global in nested scope 'msgfactory'

Then I read something that installing in INSTANCE_HOME/Products is the 
prefered way of installing zwiki with Zope 2.7. (I have Zope 2.5.1!). So 
where should I put it?

Well I gave it a try and moved the ZWiki folder there:

server1:/var/lib/zope/Products# ls

Now after restarting Zope there is a ZWiki in my Product Management, but 
it appears to be *broken* ... :-(

The Item in Products is named "ZWiki (Broken product ZWiki)", and when I 
click it I get this page:


  Product at  /Control_Panel/Products/ZWiki
Import Traceback

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/OFS/", line 531, in 
     product=__import__(pname, global_dict, global_dict, silly)
   File "/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/ZWiki/", line 10, in ?
   File "/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/ZWiki/", line 78, 
in ?
   File "/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/ZWiki/", line 3, in ?
ImportError: No module named email


Can you give any hints?

I installed Zope with apt-get from stable, but maybe I should install 
manually from the recent stable Version from the Zope page?

Thank you for your help!


PS: This is the Debug Information from the Zope Control Panel:


Debug Information

Zope version: (Zope 2.5.1 (source release, python 2.1, linux2), python 
2.1.3, linux2)
Python version: 2.1.3 (#1, Sep 7 2002, 15:29:56) [GCC 2.95.4 20011002 
(Debian prerelease)]
System Platform: linux2
SOFTWARE_HOME: /usr/lib/zope/lib/python
INSTANCE_HOME: /var/lib/zope
CLIENT_HOME: /var/lib/zope/var
Process ID: 1025 (16386)
Running for: 5 min 10 sec


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