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> Hello. I write a lot of small programs mostly in Visual Basic 6 or
> VBScript using WSH 5.6 for any number of purposes.  I am curious on
> what Python does that say Java doesn't do?

The short answer is that Python will let you get into the guts of the os and
do all those things you need to do that Java purports to "save" you from.
If you need to protect yourself (from yourself!) - use Java.  If your a big
boy and can take care of yourself - try Python.

  > For example, I would
  > definetly need some type if Visual Development Environment.

Whoops! Sorry.  This is still very much in the experimental stage.
I'm afraid that if you "definitely" need some type of "Visual Development
Environment" then you may be looking in the wrong place.
If you do VBScript and WSH as you claim, then perhaps you aren't so stuck on
the GUI development after all?  Python program tools are way ahead of
VBScript and I'm wagering that seriously effective GUI programming is right
around the corner - although I won't make any promises :-)

   > Also,  does Python have methods or classes to access the Windows
Yes!  AND support for manipulating MS object model libraries like Excel,
Word, ADODB, etc.

> Also, I guess if was going to use an OO language, why would I choose
> Python over say C# and Visual Studio?

Clean, classy implementation without (too) much concession to legacy
programming languages.  If you are afraid of something new, don't bother.
If you are a language geek and love programming - go for it.

    Re:  C# and Visual Studio - I'm just saying no.
As a former MS junky dating back to the bad old days of  PC DOS (hah! how
about TRS-DOS!). I am currently in .NET .NOT mode.
Just to warn you where I'm coming from :-)

  > I work in a Enterprise environment so money for software tools is not a
So free software tools don't interest you!
If $ is not a problem for you,  you might be interested in making a

I haven't checked, but I suspect you won't find this one on the "Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation" grant list :-)

Thomas Bartkus

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