namespace for released packages?

Alex Hunsley lard at
Mon Jul 19 02:17:08 CEST 2004

Stuart Bishop wrote:
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> On 18/07/2004, at 8:07 PM, Alex Hunsley wrote:
>> Alex Hunsley wrote:
>>> What is the python convention for namespaces of released packages? In 
>>> Java you'd write your domain name (if you have one) backwards, this:
>>> ... thus ensuring uniqueness. Is it the same for Python?
>>> thanks
>>> alex
>> I presume the lack of replies and what I've seen on code on the net 
>> means that the modus operandi is to just have your python at the top 
>> level, and not in a package that makes it unique... I find this quite 
>> strange! Do problems not arise due to module name clashes?
> It is pretty rare to get clashes - module authors are generally
> nice enough to make sure nobody else is using their package name
> before releasing things and generally package everything into
> a single top-level module.

Doesn't a single top level module translate into all the source being in 
one file? (please correct if I'm wrong about this!)


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